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Welcome    to    my    First    Homepage...Enjoy    your    visit    and    come    back    soon.

Thanks for stopping.

A bit about myself, my name is Kelley and I am happily married to Terry. We have been together since Nov. 18, 1988 and married since March 12, 1989.

We like to camp, fish, watch movies and be laid back. Terry likes to tinker with old cars. I like to read fantasy and play on the internet. We currently have three cats, 2 neutered boys (Garfield & Tygr) and one fat and sassy 'Momma Kitty'who is also altered.

I am the 'Member Relations Webgrrl' for the Boise, Idaho Chapter of 'WEBGRRLS INTERNATIONAL'. This is a group of women who use the internet to network and run their businesses, chat with other women, but mostly to learn, learn and learn.

Also I am a Harley Davidson fan...I own a 68 Harley Sprint...yea I know, it's a 'baby bike' but it's all mine. Maybe someday I will get a 'Real Hog'. But for now the 'Piglet' is good enough for me.

Terry is a mechanic by trade, actually he is a 'Jack-of-most-Trades'... the one I don't let him do is...COOK. He is an oil freak. ;o) He likes to work on old cars and is a true tinker at heart. He currently is employed by Vance Dairy Construction, they build most of the dairies in Washington Oregon and Idaho. He likes it in the summer but winter is no time to be playing in cow patties.

We got to buy our FIRST house this year, on June 3rd, 1998 we became proud owners of a house on a hill with ten acres overlooking the Snake River and Owyhee Mountains. It is truly a beautiful place. Check out my website that I have dedicated to the splendors of Owyhee County.


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